Identity Dolls


Fox and I have decided to explore the big I.D. What does it mean to have a name? What’s in a name anyway? How do we describe ourselves? How do contexts shape what we say to others about who we are?

I’m exploring the weird and wonderful world of online dating right now and experimenting with different profile pictures. In the very superficial world of online dating, when you get 10 people posted to you every day to “evaluate”, how do we do this? I feel like I’m pretty good at weeding out the good from the bad, but am I really? How will I ever know if I never explore things outside what I know? And then again, am I not old enough to know what I want?

So here’s a thought experiment. Each of these beautiful ladies represents a photo on Who would I like to date if this is all I had to go on? What other piece of information would I need to know? What “outfit” do I wear when I present myself? Who do I identify with? They tell us: “Be yourself!” But which self is that exactly? Is it the girl who has nightmares about being invisible? Is it the boy who appears to be strong in the face of a crisis? Is it the dark woman from Africa or the white woman from Europe? So, no, I won’t be myself if that requires me to choose. I choose to be myself in multiple.


2 thoughts on “Identity Dolls

  1. This reminds me of a game/story thing from Ozge Samanci called Seeing Through Walls: the game, you go to a few different real world locations and see virtual apartments of virtual characters who live there. You pick a character to date based upon seeing their apartment, without any other knowledge (no gender, ethnicity, job, interests, etc.), and then you get to hang out with the character and see how things turn out… as long as you don’t accidentally fall in love with any donkeys along the way. Strangely there are no foxes involved in the game, but I guess that would be too obvious. Who wouldn’t pick the fox to fall in love with?

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