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  1. You want to know more about me?

  2. Let’s see —

  3. I’m from new jersey

    Sun, Jul 24 2011 13:42:08

  4. And, obviously

  5. Sun, Jul 24 2011 14:45:55

  6. Humans have ludicrous notions about mouses.

  7. Anyway

  8. I’m not a big talker

    Sun, Jul 24 2011 22:31:37

  9. You see, for me
  10. It’s foraging.

  11. i collect words. but not only do i collect them, i devour
    them. and sometimes i simply can’t stop.
  12. Yes,

  13. but I eat words.
  14. Arrowdown

  15. Knit Little Mouse Amigurumi Pattern
  16. And yet…

  17. Thinking about my past, it seems like it was all a hallucination. I don’t remember everything but a few parts like I have strong amnesia
  18. We mouses

  19. Count all the words in the book instead of reading them. Count all the objects in the room without classifying them.
  20. We believe
  21. I used to say:

  22. Usually mouses do.
  23. But now

  24. i forgot that i forgot what i earlier forgot made me forget that i forget everything i forget now I’m forgetting everything i forget

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